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  • Raiden returns with a sinister new look in #MK11 https://t.co/qA1hL90xMj 22/Feb/2019 16:33:15
  • Still chasing that win in #ApexLegends? We've got your back. Or, rather, you've got ours: https://t.co/xvGKbpuCB0… https://t.co/pjDp8q4j90 22/Feb/2019 16:02:09
  • RT @CallofDuty: New intel is in. Unpack the changes to Blackout in 'Map Briefings' with #BlackOps4's Studio Design Director, David Vonderh… 22/Feb/2019 14:05:56
  • RT @x_DAMN_z: @PlayStationEU https://t.co/KxwtXlWZad 22/Feb/2019 12:55:53
  • RT @SolidMitsh: @PlayStationEU https://t.co/q9XZnIVrjT 22/Feb/2019 12:55:44
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